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Independant and legal audits

Our audits provide certainty in your (financial) reports and processes.

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Always stay ahead of your competition with the auditing services of Salehi Audit & Advisory.
With our services, we provide you the required statements which prove that your financial reports and business processes are up to date and meet the applicable quality requirements.

Financial Audit

A financial audit is the traditional service of an accountant. Feel free to hire Salehi Audit & Advisory as an external auditor. We are certified to conduct legal checks at non-public interest entities and as an external auditor we work completely independent.

Honesty, integrity, trustworthiness and quality are our core values.

Our financial audit is carried out in various stages and consists of drawing up control plans, performing checks, analysing and testing findings, drawing and substantiating conclusions & recommendations and issue reports.

Our Auditing services

Quality you can depend on:


Proces­­s audit / quality audit

When conducting a process audit, we look further than the set-up of the operational
processes and procedures. An important part of the process audit performed by Salehi Audit & Advisory is to check if the Internal Control on the Administrative Organisation exists and works properly. This audit is executed, based on a process audit plan which is drawn up in advance, and is completely transparent to you and third parties.

A quality audit performed by Salehi Audit & Advisory results in a clear and comprehensible report including conclusions & recommendations. It also contains a composed roadmap specified on your situation, to follow the improvements mentioned in the report. Our quality audits comply with leading international standards.


IT is an integrated part of operational management. Various systems communicate with each other, data is being processed and automatically edited, in order for your organisation to run smoothly. Automation is continuously increasing with the digitization of all kinds of processes. But who is responsible for the accuracy of this automation? Do the systems comply with applicable laws and regulations?

With our IT Audit services, we can make a substantial difference for you as our customer. Our specialised IT Auditors are trained to map your entire automation and corresponding architecture. As a result, a detailed report concerning the current situation is presented, including properly working processes and also specified improvement points.



We are authorised to conduct the following reports:

Audit reports
Review reports
Composition reports
Additional reports



The market is subject to continuous movements. But does your company move along with every changing circumstances?
Our services in Advisory include the required advice and insight about the current status of your business management and how to apply improvements.




We can assist in compiling annual reports, so that you and your stakeholders are in possession of the correct information. In an accurate, expeditious and comprehensible way. That is the quality we stand for at Salehi Audit & Advisory.



We keep track of all the fiscal laws and developments closely, therefore we have a proactive policy including informing costumers of relevant changes in this field. This way our customers are properly prepared at all time, having the possibility to always anticipate on time.


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