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The market is subject to continuous movements. But does your company move along with ever-changing circumstances

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Being an entrepreneur means you always have enough work to do. The market is continuously changing, and you have to act on these changes to not fall behind. But how do you combine all sorts of tasks within your organisation? How do you keep up?

With their Advisory services, Salehi Audit & Advisory does not only contribute but also takes important tasks off your hands.

In the fields of business economics, corporate law and organisational matters, we offer you professional advice and a helping hand in conducting your business. This way, you can stay focused on the one thing you do best: running your business. We will gladly support you on all of the other tasks.

Our Advisory

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Business economical advice

Our business economical advice includes a range of services with which we can support you andOur business economical advice includes a range of services by which we are able to support you and your company. Our advice is independent and specific, and our method is open and transparent. Below you will find a selection of our business economical services:

– Advice and guidance during a merger, an acquisition, appraisal or business succession.
– Implementation and assistance during a reorganisation or tax restructuring.
– Drafting or checking a business case or business plan.
– Assistance with establishing a label, holding or operating company.
– Guidance on general financing, financing applications or dept repayment.
– Drawing up/checking your budget, if necessary per department or business unit.

corporate legal Advice

Every agreement or contract is different, even if you use standard agreements with your customers and suppliers. Not to mention the continuously changing laws and regulations, guidelines and mandate of supervisors.

Salehi Audit & Advisors helps you with the corporate legal issues you’re dealing with as an entrepreneur. Together we can establish a legal policy in which your business can operate.

Our service does not stop at the outlaying of the strategy. We also assist you in legal affairs like drafting or checking your General Terms and Conditions, your complaints procedure, employment contracts, supplier agreements, rental agreements, et cetera. We take care of all compliance matters within your policy and philosophy.

Legal advice

A legal dispute takes up a lot of valuable time. Not to mention the costs involved. With our Corporate Legal Advice service, we take care of all legal affairs and our customers are well prepared at any time.

Organisa­tional Advice

Moving usually means adjusting; changing mindsets and adjusting the organisational structure. This is often a high impact process with consequences for business operations and for all the employees within your company. With our organisational advice you receive all of the necessary insights related to the current situation of your business management.

Your organisational chart

Every organisation is setup in a different way. An organisational chart reflects the layout of your company. We examine the extent to which your organisation matches the desired or required operational management. Does each business unit have its own administration or is this centrally arranged in a staff department? Where is IT located in the organisation and how does this relate to the business? Does your organisation actually need all of the existing management layers keeping the daily work performances of all professionals in mind? The examples above are typical questions we can answer if you will choose our organisational advisory services. Our focus is set on your customers and your business management status.

Proces­s management

With our Advisory services we also look at the existing or missing business processes. A distinction is made between primary, secondary and control processes. We advise on how to implement missing processes and where they should consist of. We also recommend improvements at process level, based on existing methods for process improvement.

For multinationals

If you are already doing business internationally or you’re currently planning to expand internationally we can be of service! With our knowledge, we can advise you on the layout of your entire organisation. We advise our customers on the required company structure and assist in setting up necessary entities. In combination with our financial services, we advise you on how to achieve the maximum return, taking all the relevant applicable laws and regulations in account. At the same time our advice, focused on sustainability and customers interest, is aimed at setting up a cost-efficient business.



Immediately adjust your operational and risk management with our Auditing Services.

Clarity that brings your organisation to the next level.




We can assist in compiling annual reports, so that you and your stakeholders are in possession of the correct information. In an accurate, expeditious and comprehensible way. That is the quality we stand for at Salehi Audit & Advisory.



We keep track of all the fiscal laws and developments closely, therefore we have a proactive policy including informing costumers of relevant changes in this field. This way our customers are properly prepared at all time, having the possibility to always anticipate on time.


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