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Our accounting services; composing financial reports accurately, expeditiously and comprehensible. Providing you and your stakeholders with the right information.

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Shareholders, investors, works council, government, suppliers and employees. This is just a small selection of stakeholders that demand every piece of information provided by you is correct. With the Accounting Services of Salehi Audit & Advisory you obtain the required knowledge and experience to ensure that your provided information meets all the requirements.

Our Accounting related services are:

  • Compiling annual reports.
  • Providing interim (financial) reports.
  • Compiling depositing documents for the Chamber of Commerce.

Our Accounting

Always the right information.


Compiling annual reports

For many companies the annual compiling of annual reports is a legal obligation. The annual report describes the financial balance sheet, the profit and loss account and a detailed explanation of all of these aspects. It provides all stakeholders the information that is necessary to determine the value of the company.

For example: the tax authorities must be able to check if every payment that has been made does relate to the employees. Suppliers want to be sure if the company operates sufficiently and is reliable for further cooperation and employees want to be updated about the performances of their employer. Therefore, the information visible in the annual reports needs to be compiled with the greatest accuracy. The experts of Salehi Audit & Advisory have years of experience in drawing up annual reports, at divergent companies in all kinds of work fields. We are not aiming for uniformity. In the contrary, we provide a customised document which exactly describes the financial activities of your organisation.

Interim (financial) reports

When compiling interim (financial) reports, we use Speedbocks, CaseWare or Visionplanner. The choice for the right software depends on the degree of depth that you find desirable in reports and the way of usage of these reports running your business.

Compiling depositing documents

It could happen that your organisation has to deposit documents at the Chamber of Commerce. We gladly assist you in compiling these documents to ensure the right papers are available for viewing at the Chamber of Commerce.

Compiling certain documents often requires specific knowledge that is not always available within your company. Our specialists will assist you in these tasks so that you can be ensured that all the documents are delivered with care.


We take care of the following documents for depositing.

Annual reports
Terms and Conditions
Merger and demerger proposals
Payment reports



Immediately adjust your operational and risk management with our Auditing Services.

Clarity that brings your organisation to the next level.




The market is subject to continuous movements. But does your company move along with every changing circumstances?
Our services in Advisory include the required advice and insight about the current status of your business management and how to apply improvements.



We keep track of all the fiscal laws and developments closely, therefore we have a proactive policy including informing costumers of relevant changes in this field. This way our customers are properly prepared at all time, having the possibility to always anticipate on time.


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